Alphabol Alpha Pharma


BRAND: Alpha Pharma

SUBSTANCE: Methandienone oral (Dianabol)

PACK: 10mg (50 pills)

Alphabol action

The principle of Alphabol is based on the fact that the drug triggers irreversible anabolic processes. As a result of these actions, accelerated protein synthesis occurs and the recovery function is enhanced. The biochemical picture of the cell changes immediately. The nitrogen and oxygen balance increases. Also retained phosphorus. All these materials are spent for further repair of muscle fibers. Appear free protein cells that work to repair microtraumas of muscle fibers.
A key feature of the drug’s action is that it allows you to achieve maximum effect with minimal side effects. Methandienone is a great way to increase your athletic performance and quality muscle mass at an adequate cost.

Effects of receiving Alphabol

  • muscle building. Receiving Alphabol stimulates protein synthesis, increase in volume of muscle for solo expectancy rate can reach 8-10 kg.
  • The increase in power performance. We can say minor, “side” effect produced due to muscle growth.
  • Strengthening of the joints and bones.
  • Slight stimulation of fat reduction. The effect depends on the food and workouts, and improperly drafted plan can be offset.
  • Increased appetite.


The recommended dosage of the drug for men is 30-50 mg per day. The frequency of reception is daily, due to the short duration of activity – about 6-8 hours. The course can effectively last up to 6-8 full weeks. Longer, as a rule, is not advised because of the increased risk of side effects and hepatotoxicity of the substance.
The Alphabol course can be effectively implemented not only by men, but also by women in sports. However, only reduced doses are allowed for athletes, otherwise the development of virilization can not be avoided: at a dosage exceeding 5-10 mg per day, the side effects associated with the increase in androgen activity are almost inevitable.
How is it better to take Alfabol in combination with other drugs? Do not answer this question briefly. Depending on the purpose, nandrolone decanoate, trenbolone enanthate or hexahydrobenzyl carbonate, testosterone enanthate or cypionate, methenolone, stanozolol in injections or other steroids may be effective. Selecting drugs should not only in accordance with priorities, but also based on their own level of training and experience in the application of sports pharmacology.
For a quick and following the results of a pronounced set of muscle mass, a course with nandrolone decanoate and testosterone enanthate (this can also be cypionate or a mixture of esters, like Sustanon) is effective. Doses – an average of 20-50 mg of methandrostenolone per day, 200-400 mg of nandrolone per week, 250-500 mg of testosterone per week. This is a strong anabolic and androgenic ligament and the risks of side effects are significant. Not only post-course therapy is required, but also the use of a booster of free testosterone (placeolon) and aromatase inhibitor (anastrozole) directly during the course.