Dostinex Sun Pharmaceuticals


BRAND: Sun Pharmaceuticals

SUBSTANCE: Cabergoline (Cabaser)

PACK: 0.5mg 4 pills

Pharmachologic effect

The active substance of Dostinex is cabergoline, a dopaminergic agent, an ergoline derivative. Has a long and pronounced effect of reducing prolactin. Acts due to blockade of prolactin secretion as a result of direct stimulation in lactotrophic cells of the pituitary D2-dopamine receptors. When high doses are used, there is also a central stimulating dopaminergic effect on D2 receptors. This property differs from other prolactin-lowering agents.

Just 3 hours after taking Dostinex in the blood, a decrease in the level of prolactin is observed, which persists for 7 to 28 days in healthy individuals and patients with increased prolactin levels. The effect when used in the period of postpartum lactation lasts up to 2-3 weeks. From the digestive tract is absorbed quickly. The maximum plasma concentration is reached in 0,5-4 hours after internal reception of a preparation. The half-life was evaluated by the rate of elimination of cabergoline in the urine – it was 63-68 hours in healthy individuals, and in patients with hyperprolactinaemia 79-115 hours. Because of the significant half-life of cabergoline, the equilibrium concentrations of the drug are reached after 28 days. About 41-42% of cabergoline binds plasma proteins.

Effect of the drug

The active substance of the drug – cabergoline, lowers prolactin in the blood, stimulates the lactotrophic cells of the pituitary gland.
After oral administration of the tablets, after three hours there is a decrease in the level of prolactin, the normal level of the hormone lasts from seven to twenty-eight days. Efficacy in the use of cessation of feeding lasts two to three weeks.
The maximum concentration peak of the drug is reached in an hour. It is excreted by the kidneys.

Side effects

Rarely: headache, sleep disturbance, depressive condition, constipation, gastritis, dyspepsia, hypotension, dizziness.