Mastoral Alpha Pharma


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BRAND: Alpha Pharma

SUBSTANCE: Methyl drostanolone (Superdrol)

PACK: 10mg (50 pills)

Mastoral (Methyl Drostanolone Superdrol = Masteron) – This product for the force set cycle and muscle mass. Packaging of Table 50., 10 mg / tablet. With the use of this product you will gain:

  • Increased muscle endurance
  • Increase in muscle mass and muscle strength increase.

Masteron is an excellent oral steroid for a set of forces and gaining a rounded (volume) and dried muscles.

If you want to gain weight, combine this product with Dianabol ou Anabol , Androlic , Testosterone or Nandrolone , Parabolan ouBoldenone .

If you want to dial a dry weight basis, combine it with Winstrol , Primobolan ou Primabolan , Clenbuterol , Cytomel.


2-5 tab. (20-50mg) per day


The substance is characterized by the fact that it triggers anabolic processes at the intramolecular level. The product enters the blood, from where it enters the cells of the muscle fibers. There begins provocation of an anabolic process, which in turn causes serious reparations. All this allows the athlete to receive a serious increase in strength without increasing the mass. This is an important drug for a group of athletes athletics.
Under the influence of Mastoral muscles become stronger and more powerful. They have a serious explosive power. Training is dynamic. The athlete does not get tired even after long and serious loads. Moreover, the operating principle of Mastoral is such that it practically does not cause any rollback. Muscles receive unprecedented force and become rigid, relief.

Side effects

Side Effects Mastoral The steroid does not aromatize and does not show estrogenic activity. Thus, there is no need to use anti-estrogens on the course. Side effects from Mastoral, such as gynecomastia, do not occur even in people with high sensitivity. We can say that this drug is a fairly safe steroid. Methyldrostanolone does not cause an increase in blood pressure and fluid retention, with adequate dosages does not change the state of liver enzymes.