Oxa-Max Maxtreme


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BRAND: Maxtreme

SUBSTANCE: Oxandrolone (Anavar)

PACK: 10mg (100 pills)

Anavar (oxandrolone), unlike most oral compounds, is classified as an anabolic steroid of the First Class (Class I), which is most effectively combined with compounds of the Second Class (Class II), for example, with Dianabol or Anadrol. He does not bring much into the course, during which high doses of Class I anabolic steroids, such as trenbolone, or high doses of testosterone, which is classified as having a mixed activity, are already being used. Oxandrolone can be useful, although quite expensive, when using a moderate dose of testosterone.

Anavar is often called a weak steroid. One of the reasons for this is that the use of only one Class I steroid practically never gives the maximum effect. Another reason is that bodybuilders and those who write articles in this field often make unsuccessful and unreasonable comparisons when evaluating anabolic steroids. If, say, 8 tablets a day give little, then the drug is declared useless or weak. But usually oxandrolone is a part of Anavar tablets at 2.5 mg, which in our example means taking only 20 mg per day, in other words, 140 mg per week. In comparison, testosterone in these doses also will not give you almost no results. In fact, few anabolic steroids will lead to terrific results at this dosage, but no one comes to mind for this reason to call them weak. It would be more correct to conclude that individual Anavar tablets have a small concentration of active substance, but this does not mean that the drug is ineffective in itself.


Effective dosage 0.4-0.5 mg per kg of weight of the athlete. In cases of use in combination with other AS, this dosage can be reduced by 20-30%

Combined Courses

As for how to take oxandrolone in combination with other AAS, high-androgenic steroids are recommended to minimize adverse reactions and increase the results. For example, Primobolan, various testosterone or Sustanon. When combined, the dosage of Anavar is not more than 40 milligrams. For girls, combining is undesirable.