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BRAND: Maxtreme

SUBSTANCE: Liothyronine (T3)

PACK: 100mcg (50 pills)

T3 is a very effective compound that promotes fat burning, but it gives serious side effects in overdose. If you exercise sufficient caution, this compound is easily excreted from the body. Given the fact that T3 has limited stability, it is best to buy from high-quality pharmaceutical manufacturers, or buy generic drugs in third world countries or a relatively fresh, carefully tested powder. Liquid preparations can quickly lose activity and therefore are not in demand.


In the first case, the goal is to achieve a constant level of fat burning or to help keep the body composition close to the personal ideal. The dose of T3 can be very low, preferably 12.5 μg per day, but in some cases up to 25 μg per day. At a low dose, as a rule, the analysis of the thyroid function will not show any depression even with prolonged reception. At a high dose, a moderate inhibition of its function is sometimes observed, but the result is much better than in the case when T3 is not accepted, and the depressed function is quickly restored after stopping the use of T3.

In the second approach, the goal is to achieve a fairly significant increase in the rate of fat burning, consciously allowing oppression of the thyroid gland function. The most preferred dose is about 50 μg per day, but in some cases it can be increased to 75 μg per day. Such doses are desirable not always taken, but only for a limited period of time, for example, 8-12 weeks, although there are no exact terms.

The problem of instability T3

At dosage of T3, it is first of all necessary to take into account the fact that the preparation itself is unstable, and this leads to the loss of its activity over time even with the use of pharmaceutical preparations in the form of tablets. Liquid preparations lose their activity even faster. The doses given below refer to the T3 preparation, which has the maximum activity produced by the pharmaceutical industry in the US or Europe and has not yet lost its shelf life. In many cases, other T3 medications will contain less, or even much less, T3 than indicated on the label.