Trenbolin (vial) Alpha Pharma


BRAND: Alpha Pharma

SUBSTANCE: Trenbolone enanthate

PACK: 10ml vial (250mg/ml)

Trenbolone enanate is a long ether of trenbolone. Perfectly suited for massoburnyh cycles, as it gives an increase in quality muscle mass and a tangible increase in strength. Despite the fact that trenbolone is 5 times “stronger” than testosterone, androgenic side effects are almost not expressed – oily skin, acne, and alopecia are not too frequent and mostly depend on individual propensity to the given phenomena.

Trenbolone is 5 times more powerful than testosterone – androgenic and anabolic indexes of 500% of testosterone! It is logical to assume that to achieve the effect of 500 mg trenbolna per week, you should put 2.5 grams of testosterone.

Effect of the drug trenbolone enanthate

Myths about the dangers of anabolic steroids debunk the results of numerous studies. Scientists and experienced athletes are convinced that steroids are issued well-known and trusted brands, are safe.  As a result, the proper use of  trenbolone enanthate  observed the following positive effects:

  • improved power performance;
  • increasing stamina;
  • quickly added muscle mass;
  • reduced cortisol;
  • accelerated growth hormone (which leads to burning fat.

Side effects from the use of Trenbolone enanthate

The manufacturer warns about the possible development of side effects, in the process of taking the drug. These include leaps of habitual upward pressure, the phenomenon of baldness, insomnia, the detection of acne on the surface of the skin and excessive fatness, the manifestation of unmotivated aggression towards other people. Sometimes it can decrease in the testicle volume and the natural level of libido may decrease. This is a consequence of a decrease in the production of its testosterone. To reduce the risk of the occurrence of pobochek, attach to the course of the drug Trenbolone enanthate drug Tamoxifen or Gonadotropin.