Trenbolone-75 BM Pharmaceuticals


BRAND: BM Pharmaceuticals

SUBSTANCE: Trenbolone acetate

PACK: 10 ampoules (75mg /ml)

Trenbolone 75 is a mild ether of a very high quality acetate form. It has not a long period of its strong anabolic effects up to 48 hours. Most often this anabolic steroid is taken for burning fat, a set of relief muscles, improving their hardness and rigidity.
Injection trenbolone acetate rapidly increases physical strength, muscular endurance and speed. The musculature becomes extremely hard and elastic under the influence of this preparation.
Put trenbolon 75 better every other day, one milliliter. So this anabolic works better and shows its maximum results.

How to take Trenbolon 75

How to take Trenbolon 75Courses Trenbolon 75 in the optimal version should last 6-8 weeks. The acetate form of the drug has PP in 24-48 hours, so you will feel the work of the drug almost immediately after the injection.
Take Trenbolone 75 should be in a dosage of 50-100 mg every other day. Here, once it is worth mentioning that the “dent” with dosages in any case is impossible, you will feel a colossal result even with 100 mg / week. But an unjustified increase in dosage can lead to the expression of side effects.
On the course of Trenbolon 75, it is strictly necessary to control the level of estradiol and prolactin. With an increased level of prolactin, it is necessary to start taking cabergoline (bargolac, dostinex). Take the drug MUST be with testosterone.


Women – symptoms of virilization, oppression of ovarian function, menstrual cycle disorders, hypercalcemia.

In men: in the prepubertal period – symptoms of virilization, idiopathic hyperpigmentation of the skin, slowing or stopping growth (calcification of epiphyseal growth zones of tubular bones); In the post-pubertal period – irritation of the bladder, gynecomastia, priapism; In old age – hypertrophy and / or carcinoma of the prostate.

In men and women, progression of atherosclerosis, peripheral edema, dyspeptic disorders, impaired liver function with jaundice, changes in the leukocyte formula, pain in long tubular bones, hypocoagulation with a tendency to bleeding.