Tretizen 10 Zenlabs


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BRAND: Zenlabs

SUBSTANCE: Isotretinoin (Accutane)

PACK: 10mg (10 capsules)

Pharmachologic effect

A remedy for acne treatment. Promotes the normalization of terminal differentiation of cells, inhibits the hyperproliferation of the epithelium of the excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands, the formation of detritus and facilitates its evacuation. Due to this, the production of sebum decreases, its isolation is facilitated, the composition is normalized, the inflammatory reaction around the glands is reduced. With external and systemic application it has anti-seborrheic, sebostatic, anti-inflammatory, kerato-and immunomodulatory effects; Strengthens the regeneration processes in the skin.

The use of isotretinoin and dose

Isotretinoin is used by mouth, rectally, externally. The dosage regimen is set individually, because the side reactions and therapeutic effectiveness of isotretinoin are dose dependent and vary in different patients. Inside is taken with food, the initial dose is 0.4 – 0.5 mg / kg per day, which is divided into two parts, applied for 16 to 24 weeks. With a lesion of the trunk or severe disease – 2 mg / kg per day. In severe chronic renal failure, the initial dose should be reduced to 10 mg per day. Depending on the severity of adverse reactions or / and response to treatment, dose adjustment is performed. If for 16 – 24 weeks the amount of rashes decreased by 70% or more, then the therapy is stopped. The repeated course of treatment is performed with confirmation of a recurrent or persistent course of the disease with an interval of not less than 2 months. Rectally administered once a day at night, 0.5-1 mg / kg. Outer: with rosacea and acne apply 2 times a day with a cotton swab solution or a thin layer of ointment on the previously cleaned skin areas; Duration of therapy is 4 to 12 weeks; After consulting a doctor, a second course is possible.
In the treatment it is necessary to control the content of glucose, lipids, and the functional state of the liver. Patients with diabetes recommended more frequent monitoring of blood glucose levels. Women of reproductive age should use reliable contraceptives for 1 month before, during and for 1 month after the end of therapy. When pregnancy occurs for medical reasons, it must be interrupted. With the development of colitis, symptoms of the pseudotumor of the brain, visual impairment is canceled. It is necessary to carry out a neurological examination if there is a suspicion of a pseudotumor of the brain. Do not prescribe isotretinoin to patients who receive other drugs from the retinoid group to avoid hypervitaminosis A. It is advisable to avoid increased insolation, including ultraviolet treatment. During therapy with isotretinoin, a decrease in the tolerability of contact lenses is possible. Patients who wear contact lenses should use eyeglasses when developing adverse reactions from the eyes. Do not apply the drug to mucous membranes. Do not apply ointment to the skin with severe acute inflammation and around the eyes.

Side effects

Arthralgia, myalgia, pain in the chest, rash (erythema, seborrhea, eczema), thinning of hair – rarely, intracranial hypertension, mental disorders (depression, inclination to suicidal attempts), vasculitis (including Wegener’s granulomatosis), dry eyes , Decreased night vision, cataracts, conjunctivitis, keratitis, enteritis.